Weather Apps to look out for

iPhone 7Our mobile phones have evolved quite a lot in the past few years. They are much more than just “phones” now, they are our smart, they are intelligent, and they make our lives easier. The term Smartphone is associated with these mobile phones. These compact pocket assistants help reduce the load of our day-to-day activities and make our lives a lot more productive. Weather is one such integral part of our life which is affected by these Smartphone apps.



Weather can affect your day regarding what you wear, what you plan to do and how you plan to travel in the morning. Even if you have to plan a trip on the weekend or go on a picnic with your friends you need to get an update on the weather conditions. Forecasts which are accurate and easy to understand are everyone’s preferred choice, and there are quite a lot of apps to choose from. Gone are the days where you had to sit at home to wait for the weather update on the news channel, you can get them anywhere you are using your Smartphone and internet connection. Here is a list of the best weather apps available,


Yahoo Weather:

Yahoo provides one of the most trusted weather updates, and with this app, everything just gets a lot better. The application is top notch regarding the interface and information it provides. The user interface is magnificent; it’s the design is one of the best you’ll ever see. You can find the detailed view of 5-day forecasts which are almost precise. The clean look of the app makes it very user-friendly and a favorite among many.




AccuWeather is hands down the most popular Smartphone weather app as it is available for mostly all the mobile devices. The interface is user-friendly with easy to read details of the current, hourly and daily weather conditions. Also, AccuWeather also gives the users the option to customize and highlight particular health and respiratory concerns and even set multiple locations along with news stories beside it.

WeatherBug provides a wealth of weather information along with an easy to use sliding navigation. This app provides real-time weather updates with a map of the location you are looking for. It even has photographs, live cameras and visual forecasts for selected locations. Along with all this, you can even share the weather update using the social media plugins in it.

Other honorable mentions,

SHRN – immersive Weather



* Solar

* Swackett

Let’s go over the different platforms and devices you can find these apps first and then on to some apps. Knowing which device and platform are the best is a difficult thing to choose. Many people will have their personal preferences. Here are a few of the devices available today.

iPhones – the most recent one being the iPhone 5iPodsiPadsHTCNokiaSamsungsLGand much more

Each of these devices has the capability to use an app of all different types. Some apps are made free by the developers and others will have a small price on them.

Now we know what such devices can use these mobile apps we can go into a bit of detail about what an app is. An app is a software program designed specifically for mobile devices. Using many different types of programming languages, you can make a very wide range of different types of apps.

Apps could be in the form of a game, for instance, Angry Birds; this is a game app. It became such a popular app that they have made many variations of the game. Another popular game app is Temple Run where the general idea is to avoid the obstacles, collect coins, avoid getting caught by the monkeys chasing you, and not to fall off the path you are running along. I have played both of the game apps and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Another type of app you could use is a social media app, for instance, the Facebook app. There are around 800 million active users of Facebook’s social media site. A large number of them will most likely have the mobile phone app so they can keep in touch with their friends and post updates about what they are doing while on the go.

There are also entertainment apps if, during the day you find that you have some time to kill, you can find entertainment applications that redesign you with the most recent VIP chatter, demonstrate to you industry standards to play an assortment of drinking diversions and

even a whoopee cushion app to try to trick people with. Mobile Entertainment apps can keep you occupied for hours and hours given the large number of them available on the app market today.

There are several other types of apps like Calculate/Utilities, News Apps, Productivity Apps, Search Tools, Sports Apps, Weather Apps, the list is ever-growing as people keep coming up with new ideas for apps

The chart view shows you the forecast in a clear, easy to read graphic format. To access the charts view, click on the charts icon on the top right corner of the main weather page. Here you can view the graphs for each weather element, including temperature, sunshine, duration, and precipitation risk. This will help you understand how the weather will change over the coming days. GPS localization helps WeatherPro locate you, and display a list of all available weather stations near your location.
You can personalize your set-up, the weather units displayed for temperature, wind pressure, etc from the settings menu. WeatherPro also includes several widgets that make it easier for you to customize your home screen. They all display the current weather and maximum and minimum temperatures. They only differ in the extent of the forecast that is displayed. Please note that widgets must be installed on the internal memory. This is really important as, if you install them on the external memory, WeatherPro will crash. Overall WeatherPro is one of the best weather apps available for your Android.You can also view a detailed three hourly breakdown of the weather, and a summary of the forecast split into the night and day.